Frequently Asked Questions :

Is it suitable for all vehicles ?

The WHIP-SPEED fuel additive can be used for any type of vehicle / engine/ furnace where diesel and petrol is used. The grade of catalyst for LMV/ HMV being different.

How does it benefit?

The WHIP-SPEED fuel additive can raise the cetane rating of diesel / petrol thereby substantially improving performance. In addition the catalyst cleans the combustion chamber of carbon deposits and raises the peak flame temperature which in turn reduces smoke and harmful emissions, thereby improving the output power. Apart from this it reduces the wear rates of injectors and injector pumps because of increased lubrication of the moving parts in entire fuel system. Piston, Valves and combustion chamber stay free of deposits while ring wear is substantially reduced.

How to use?

The WHIP-SPEED fuel additive is used in the ratio of 1 ml for every 20 litres / or 2 drops per litre.

  1. Whip speed fuel additive must Shake well before use .
  2. Whip Speed additive Can be Mixed either before or after pouring gasoline
  3. Whip speed fuel additive must be mixed at an interval of 4 times continously and one time break, even it can be filled up in mass tank in the ratio of 4 times continously and one time break.

How much money can save?

The fuel economy result will differ depending upon the age, type of vehicle, driving conditions and driving habits, In additions you will also benefit from reduced maintenance cost and save even more money. In total your savings could be around 15 to 20 % if not more.

How soon will experience results?

The time needed will vary depending upon the vehicle. Some drivers will notice a dramatic difference after their first fill up. Much of the difference depends on the amount of carbon and other deposits, which have built up in the fuel system. If your vehicle is older then should notice continual improvement, however you should allow above 5% of vehicle mileage for the product to do the complete job, For example, if a vehicle has 25000kms on it, allow the WHIP-SPEED fuel additive 1000 kms of use for optimum results .Then continue to use the catalyst with fill-up for good mileage and long engine life.

Will WHIP-SPEED provides warranty or harm to engine?

No, polymer catalysts have been used in various forms of over a decade and there has been a damage claim filed. WHIP-SPEED fuel additive is 100% highly refined petroleum based catalyst and can in no way harm any engine or component of vehicle. Polymer catalyst have been used and tested by major automobile manufacturers, agencies of governments around the world, and thousands of commercial and private customers all with highly positive results.

How does WHIP-SPEED fuel additive affect the environment?

WHIP-SPEED fuel additive protects the environment by drastically reducing the hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen emissions from your vehicle, Fuel is burnt more completely and the entire fuel system is cleaned and lubricated making it more efficient and environment friendly.

What is the difference between WHIP-SPEED fuel additive and liquid additives?

The typical liquid additive is a limited purpose only to dissolve fuel system deposits, It normally consists of 96 – 98% carrier (aromatic Solvene ) and contains no lubricants. WHIP-SPEED fuel additive cleans and lubricates and allows more of the fuel to be burnt and stop acid formation.

Vehicle needs a tune-up or should try WHIP-SPEED?

Absolutely, by cleaning out old deposits in the fuel system and combustion area, WHIP-SPEED fuel additive may even eliminate the need for a tune-up. If your problem is mechanical, a tune-up will be required.

Can mileage ever go by using WHIP-SPEED?

There is no ingredient in WHIP-SPEED fuel additive, which can cause your mileage to decrease. Sometimes people do not accurately calculate their baseline mileage, Driving patterns may change between fill –ups thus giving false results, In older vehicle, buildup of varnishes and deposits in the jets or injectors may be so severe that when the catalyst dissolves the deposits, the fuel mixture being burnt by the engine becomes too rich, In this instance, the vehicle needs to be returned or the fuel filters need to be renewed.

Always used good fuel and do mostly freeway driving, I still have deposits in my fuel system?

Yes, Most of the deposit problem is caused by sulphur in the fuel which forms sulphuric acid which in turn creates carbon, gums lacquers, varnishes and sludge in your fuel system and combustion area. WHIP – SPEED fuel additive cleans old deposits and stops the acid formation to prevent new deposits.

Vehicle has poor power, can WHIP –SPEED help?

Absolutely, dieseling and power loss can be caused by either poor fuel or buildup of deposit in the fuel system. The catalyst will clean out the deposits and cause your fuel to burn better thus having the effect of raising the cetane level. The catalyst also lubricates the valves and rings which allows greater compression and thus providing more power. These same benefits will assist you if your vehicle starts or is hard to start. If the use of catalyst does not solve your problem, the problem may be mechanical.

Will WHIP –SPEED harm my catalytic converter or fuel injection system?

No. Just the opposite,WHIP – SPEED fuel additive will clean and lubricate both and eliminate most potential problems.

Does WHIP – SPEED contain a BIOCIDE (chemical)?

Definitely not. WHIP –SPEED fuel additive eliminates the environment necessary for biological growth in the fuel tanks, systems and storage tanks by water control.


WHIP – SPEED fuel additive is not a cure at all, not meant to replace the need for professional diagnostics, routine maintenance and repair. Be aware that problems affecting an engine's performance can result from faults in the electrical system, timing, excessive and irreversible wear of rings, bearing, etc. The catalyst can not “repair” mechanical defects. But may provide some relief from certain mechanical problems.