About our Fuel Additives :

Our fuel Additives is named as WHIP-SPEED Fuel Additives. This is made up of purely organic compounds. 100% inorganic chemical free and eco-friendly, To prove its value and importance we have got proper laboratory reports.


We have added this additive with gasoline and diesel and tested in various automotive. which proved the following benefits

  1. Reduction Of Engine Noise Level 30 – 40 %

  2. Reduction In Radiator Water (Heat) 30%

  3. Increase In Pick-Up 30%

  4. Reduction In Engine Heat 25 %

  5. Reduction Of Sulphur Content In Exhaust Gas 80%

  6. Reduction Of `Co` In Exhaust Gas 70%

  7. Reduction Of Lead Content In Exhaust Gas 100%

  8. Reduction Of Carbon Deposit In Exhaust Gas 92%

  9. Reduction Of Engine Vibration 78%

  10. Reduction In Water Content In Fuel 100%

  11. Reduction In Carbon Material In Exhaust-70%

  12. Reduction In Wear And Tear Of Engine

  13. Easy Gear Changing


Petrol and Diesel are produced as per the standards confirmed by I.S: 2796 1995 and as per tests conducted WHIP-SPEED fuel additive also confirms the same and hence can be used for any vehicle / engine/ furnace where diesel and petrol is used.


The product WHIP-SPEED fuel additive is the first of its kind and works on the principle of increasing the ionic charge of hydro carbon in petrol / diesel and creating higher potential gradient between the C+ and H+ ions and O ions there by making it congenial for internal combustion in the engine cylinders. Thus facilitating fuel economy and freedom from environment pollution

In normally functioning engines, on average 60% to 65% of the fuel is completely burnt with the remainder being wasted, the catalyst based on the above principle the combustion is complete by charging the carbon item thereby reducing the CO level ,which is root cause for cancer apart from providing better mileage / fuel efficiency and reducing engine noise along with smoother functioning.

Cetane Boosting Performmance:

In a matter of seconds the catalyst mixes in to the fuel and increases cetane level thereby reducing exhaust emission and the consequent damage to the environment.

Test Results:

Test conducted across the country by major public and private organizations and thousands of individuals have proved the claims of the company in terms of a mileage increase, apart from reduced noise and emission level. Also noted that the catalyst has not developed any side effects in the engine as there is no chemical reactions, due to the catalyst confirming the I.S 2796:1995 standards.